Gary Lover releases new single about his complicated relationship with London

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indieRepublik presents a new single and music video by a London-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Gareth Hoskins aka Gary Lover. ‘London’ is a song about the love-hate relationship with the city and its chaotic rhythm. Missing the good old days and simultaneously dreaming of the happy, light future – something we all can relate to during the difficult times right now.

Gary Lover is a solo project full of experimentation and creative freedom. Gareth’s instrumentation is incredibly rich, and with his ability to write solid tracks while adding evocative lyrics, Gary Lover exists somewhere in-between many different genres and inspirations. This time Gareth beautifully mixes samba and guitar variations from African to the Caribbean.

His new single ‘London’, released via Some Other Plant Records, tells a story about struggling both externally and internally while being in a demanding environment: “I wrote this song when I’d had a bad couple of weeks and London made it hard for me to think about what was going on in my life, I think this city can do that to you, especially how fast-paced and political everything can seem to be right up in your face, all the time, non-stop.”

The music video for the song was shot by Gareth himself. Because ‘London’ talks about moving forward and sometimes going backwards in order to do that, there are archive projections of London’s past. Watch the video here:

Gary Lover on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram

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