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»Always« written by Lotta St Joan was released on December 7, 2023. Her composition slowly turns into a companion to our inner dialogue; it offers solace, understanding, and a resounding echo to the depths of one’s emotions.

“I’m a willow tree, I let my hair hang into the sea, always.”

One soul, one guitar, sitting quietly on a tranquil lake. The song throws a pebble into the lake, fiddling the water into ripples and stirs our hearts.

Upon first listening, it is as if she is telling a story. In its subtlety, the musical narrative serves as a vessel, allowing one’s mind to drift into the familiar scenes of their daily life. Without great sorrow or overwhelming joy, the song grants the listener the freedom to project their own emotions into the lyrics and melody.

It’s like stumbling upon a tabby cat at a rain-soaked crossroad. It could be as simple as a passing glance at a cozy coffee shop in the early morning. Or perhaps, it’s the solitary leaf, caught in a delicate dance, as it gently lands upon your coat on a late autumn day.

In the ethereal tapestry of sound, a luminous track emerges—a delicate dance between rhythm and profound resonance. The strumming of guitars intertwines with the celestial timbre of Lotta St Joan’s voice, like billowing clouds that gracefully sweep away our frowns.

Each note, like a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions, paints a portrait of serenity, casting a gentle spell that soothes the soul.

This captivating melody possesses a tender yet potent touch that resonates deep within, like a delicate whisper that speaks directly to us. In the caress of each note, one can feel the beauty of the music coursing through Lotta’s fingertips.

It is an invitation to aspire us towards becoming a better version of ourselves, leaving all the loneliness and sadness in yesterday. It encourages us to keep trying to move forward, leaving behind the weight of all the disappointment and loss.

It seems as if our own usual broken thoughts are being responded to, regardless of whether that response comes from the vocals or the guitar.

Just like it is written in the lyrics, “I am a willow tree, I let my past fall into the sea, always.”

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