Gonjasufi releases new video to “Vinaigrette”

by | New Music

Warp Records have recently released the video to Gonjasufi’s new video to “Vinaigrette”. A mix somewhere in between Lost Highway and Natural Born Killers.

With his new album Callus out next Friday on the London label, Gonjasufi is slowly opening the door and letting us have a taste of his latest material. The Californian producer/singer/yogi hasn’t got any dates in Berlin planned yet. He has a single concert in San Diego marked on his calendar.

Bass-heavy cold wave

His first two albums, A Sufi and a Killer (2010) and MU.ZZ.LE (2012) were also distributed by Warp.

The black and white clip follows a woman in her motel room, facing a TV while water runs down a sink. The following shot sees her driving at night, gazing at what lies ahead of her. A scene similar to the introduction in David Lynch’s “Lost Highway” is then shown.

Fake scenery is used to portray the environment in the driving scenes, just like in the old movies. Gonjasufi makes a cameo by appearing in the lady’s rear view mirror and the Sun rising over wind turbines.

The soundtrack is bass-heavy cold wave with Gonjasufi’s deep voice blending in nicely.

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