Nosoyo’s new single Attitude has plenty of it

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Nosoyo have been a steadfast indieBerlin and indieRepublik fave for a few years now and we’re over the top excited with their brand new single Attitude.

And they’ve got loads of it…Nosoyo landed in Berlin from Amsterdam where the duo had hooked up from the ashes of a larger band around 2013 and started making their presence known as one of Berlin’s best indie pop acts from the start.

We were lucky enough to find them around then in the pages of a gig-booking website that is annoying enough not to get a shout-out here (any idea who??) and we booked them for our indieBerlin Art Happening in the NHow Music hotel near Warschauerbrucke. They came and performed despite singer Donata having hit her head on something earlier in the day and having been in hospital with concussion – and blew the place away.

And stayed nothing more than polite and friendly throughout – troupers!

their amazing solo album that didn’t get anything like the attention it deserved

We’ve watched them continue on their journey through their amazing solo album that didn’t get anything like the attention it deserved, through label and manager bust-ups, and we’re over the moon that the whole process has only made them more resolute – previous single Loud and Shameless includes the lyrics “You can tell everyone all these bad things about me / I stood up for myself oh I am such a bitch” – and now they’re back with Attitude.

Which includes the lyrics “I lost again in this power game / I came across like a hurricane” followed by the repeated line “I want a fuck the system attitude”.

No more mr nice nosoyo? Nosoyo declares war? Nosoyo not be takin no shit no more?

Some people go through the ravages of the music industry and head for the hills with their tails between their legs. Nosoyo instead seems to have made their fight back a central tenet of their creative output. I can only applaud them for it.

Oh yes, and the song: Is it catchy etc?

Yup, it’s catchy.

The third single from their upcoming album Loud & Shameless, following on from Highness and Glitter, the song displays the same style shift from their earlier output: harder beats, stripped down production values and more in-your-face oh-yeah? pop. Still with that certain little sprinkling of indie touches.

Excited as we are? Pre-save the album on Spotify here!

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