ORIAN Releases Debut EP Before It Weighs Us Down: “the comfort that allows me to climb out of myself”

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ORIAN releases his brand new EP Before It Weighs Us Down today.

There must, in the end, be a thousand different reasons why people make music. ORIAN’s? “I wanted this collection of music to be the comfort for me that allows me to climb out of myself, as so much music has been for me over the years.” Reading this set me on a train of thought, that led to me ultimately considering the possibility that we as a culture, as a mass of people, as a generation, as an age, have forgotten what music is; what it’s for; why we do it.

I know that if I asked someone in the street I would probably get the (unintentionally) glib reply that we make music to express ourselves, that it’s a human thing, that it’s fun.

And all that’s true. But the impulse to express ourselves through sound; through expelling breath and turning it into sound to impact air, to vibrate the world immediately around us; goes beyond that. Goes deeper and goes further.

We get so caught up in the kind of brash, look-at-me style, attitude and sound of so many bands and artists these days that it takes a moment of reflection to appreciate it when someone pauses, takes a breath, and settles into themselves before starting to play; taking a moment to listen for and find their voice, to listen for and find, remember, what it was they wanted to tell you – before catching and wooing and drawing you in.

He stops, breathes, and pulls a well of music up and out of himself

ORIAN’s music is like this. It doesn’t jump up and down and do anything it can to get your attention. It isn’t daubed in gaudy colours; it doesn’t bend itself into shapes and forms that leave you gasping and wondering what the hell it can be…

No, ORIAN’s music gives me the feeling that he rests within himself. That he stops, breathes, and pulls a well of music up and out of himself; music that sounds like it has been crouching in there, waiting patiently for its time to shine, waiting to breathe.

I won’t stand here and tell you that the music of Joey Ryan AKA ORIAN is the most original thing I’ve heard in ages. Joey plays good, solid songwriter music with something of a rock edge and a nice turn in subtly inventive guitar lines. That’s okay sometimes. It’s okay to just relax, and to listen. It’s okay to indulge in music where you can hear, feel, the ages-long tradition of singing, telling a story, of wiping your weary brow, of holding you close for a moment. In pain, beauty. In hurt, healing.  

This, his debut release, ‘Before it Weighs Us Down’ is a collection of five songs including the much loved What Pulls You (currently 68K views on Youtube) and singer-songwriter ballad Jewellery Box alongside previously unreleased indie belter Beautiful Disguise, co-written with Italian songstress Violetta Zironi.

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In pain, beauty. In hurt, healing

The EP showcases the songwriter’s journey from his delicate debut pop track Tryin’ in 2018 to a more introspective and organic space, with lyrical themes focusing on the self, family, important social issues and relationships presented in a melodic soundscape of gentle electronics and drifting guitars.

After radio coverage on BBC Radio, RTE One and RTE 2Fm, ORIAN has put together this EP to deliver his tracks to a growing fanbase. More and more people are becoming fond of his intricate, compelling style and ORIAN’s new EP is his answer to this request.

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Written mostly during the winter of 2019, ‘Before It Weighs Us Down’ is a true collaborative effort including esteemed collaborators such as Irish legend Craig Walker (Archive, Power of Dreams) and Grammy Award winning songwriter Erik Alcock (Pink!, Eminem, Celine Dion). The EP was produced by Roman Andor in Berlin, and mastered by Latin Grammy Award winner Ainsley Adams (Adele, Train).

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