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ReaLation is a New York-based grunge concept band with a rapidly growing fanbase due to their tight songwriting and explosive live shows. We caught up with bassist, singer and main conceptualist Vincent Lane about life, love and abusive relationships (speaking of which, don’t miss our upcoming review of their latest single Isabella)

indieRepublik: How did you come up with the name reaLation.?

Vincent Lane: It was born from two separate ideas actually. First of all, the songs the band writes seem to focus on real world problems, issues and concerns. We try to shed light on subject areas that were either taboo or ignored in the past, or issues that have yet to come to the surface. Or in simple terms, true reality.

Secondly, we feel one of the most important facets of human existence is the ability to relate to one another and the environment and society with exist in. The songs that have truly turned us on the most are the ones we really related to. There have been songs that we have been able to relate to right away and others that have taken an experience or life circumstance to create the connection. It is from this that the term reaLation. was created and we feel it truly reflects what we are accomplishing as artists.

“Everything we write is concept based”

indieRepublik: How does the songwriting process work for you / in your band?

Vincent Lane: It’s pretty organic. Matt (drums), Steve (Guitar,Vocals) and I (Bass, Vocals) get in a room and start playing. Usually those two will start jamming on something and I will look for a concept that matches the mood of what’s being played. I join in on bass and we create a template musically. At that point we create a melody template. I’m not sure how it all comes together honestly (as it seems to be channeled). It still kind of blows my mind that it does.  

indieRepublik: Tell us a secret about yourself.

Vincent Lane: Well this is embarrassing. But I would say I probably have more beauty products in my bathroom than most women you know. My vanity apparently knows no bounds.

indieRepublik: Where did you get your inspiration for “Isabella” from?

Vincent Lane: Everything we write is concept based. So this particular idea came in a stream of consciousness. I reflected on several young women I had met in my life who all seemed to same person with a different face. Patterns repeat in life until you look within and learn the lesson. All these women were emotionally broken, either by loss or trauma earlier in their life. The women were addicts, mostly to substances, but also to people. Or at least drama involving other people. “Isabella” is a collection of ideas and memories. She projects her pain and sadness onto those who attempt to cross her threshold and gain closeness to her.

If you want to know when I am truly lost, you’ll see me doing what look like very elaborate bass slides. It looks impressive to the untrained eye, but I’m really just looking for a part I recognize.

indieRepublik: What music do you listen to when you’re touring?

Vincent Lane: Matt, Steve and I are all about “Spa” Music when we travel. You know, that meditation music stuff way up the dial on Sirius Satellite Radio. That or our stuff hashing out new ideas.

indieRepublik: What was your biggest stage fuck-up?

Vincent Lane: Whoa… wait a minute. Fuck up? Who me? If you want to know when I am truly lost, you’ll see me doing what look like very elaborate bass slides. It looks impressive to the untrained eye, but I’m really just looking for a part I recognize. I also make up words to lyrics I cannot remember. Many of these words don’t exist. I have most trouble remembering words I wrote for some reason. I also trained myself to eliminate the look of extreme anxiety on my face when either of these happen, which probably means I have had a lot of practice at hiding mistakes.

indieRepublik: How do you feel about covering a song?

Vincent Lane: It really can open you up to a large audience. People like what’s familiar and some will give your original material more of a chance after you’ve “proven yourself” with a good cover of a popular song. We all honed our craft learning songs we dig.

Pairing psychological concepts with hook laden alternative hard rock

indieRepublik: Do you prefer to play big festivals / stages or smaller club gigs?

Vincent Lane: To me there is nothing better than a big stage and big crowd. Growing up that is all you really dream about. But smaller, more intimate settings have their advantages as well. You can get real connection there.

indieRepublik: In ten years you look back to today and think:_____________

Vincent Lane: In ten years I would like to reflect back and think that this new direction we took, pairing the psychological concepts with hook laden alternative hard rock, allowed us to carve out a spot in the musical landscape. That these songs would allow people to think of the concepts brought up in a different way that may prove helpful.

indieRepublik: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

Vincent Lane: Color. And I was shocked to learn that a lot of people don’t. I’ve also been pretty into lucid dreaming, which is knowing you are dreaming and thus creating it as you go along. It happens best for me when I fall back asleep after getting up for a bit.

Watch this space for our upcoming review of new Realation single Isabella

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