Why look into the stars? To find experimental pop/dance singer songwriter Vincent Littlehat’s hypnotic new single and video “Into The Stars” (Allisum Records), out today (28.5)

The three-minute dance alterna-pop confection is a collaboration with Berlin based electronic music producer Chris Zippel, and, paired with its real-life-meets-animation video directed by talented Kabul-born Mehran Djojan, and featuring dancer and model Louis Seriot, results in an intoxicating and winning collaboration. This song easily fits in with today’s zeitgeist, and can find a home in many of today’s streaming playlists.

            The song itself initially comes off as a light but seductive dance pop track that brings to mind U.S. singer’s Halsey’s frothier moments, or perhaps a more experimental Ellie Goulding with a bit of Robyn. The movement and dance-heavy video, which features Djojan’s surrealistic world of Anime imaginings, as well as actor Seriot’s “tele-transporting,” makes one think of our post-post-post modern way of connecting in an unconnected world, or perhaps even un-connecting in an over-connected yet somehow distanced and dream-heavy world.

…pulls the listener (and viewer) into this dangerous yet glittering, twinkling, dreamy dance art world on the bridge of reality, seduction and fantasy

            The song starts with a hypnotic synth motif, then Littlehat asking “why look into the stars,” with the beat kicking in about halfway through the track. Littlehat, alternating between Seriot’s dancing, flashes between her real life self as well as her Anime avatar while taking Seriot away from his demons, and into the old-school television set (bringing to mind the classic 1982 horror film Poltergeist). This further pulls the listener and viewer into this dangerous yet glittering, twinkling, dreamy dance art world on the bridge of reality, seduction and fantasy.

Look Into the Stars by Vincent Littlehat & Chris Zippel

A light but seductive dance pop track that brings to mind U.S. singer’s Halsey’s frothier moments, or perhaps a more experimental Ellie Goulding with a bit of Robyn

            This intriguing mixture of several forward-moving young artists bringing their individual talents together to create this fantastical song and video ultimately wins as it superficially suggests the possibility of a beautiful, carefree world all the while mindful at a deeper restlessness, or yearning, under the surface, which is very likely the way many young people in this day and age are feeling.

Vincent Littlehat

The song and video are a collaboration between singer and model Vincent Littlehat, electronic music producer Chris Zippel, photographer and video director Mehran Djojan and features dancer and Tiktoker Louis Seriot.

Vincent Littlehat

Having established herself as a professional and successful model Vincent Littlehat explores her many talents while travelling the world. Now based in Berlin, Vincent uses her experience in the performance and entertainment industry to explore her own voice and produce contemporary, explorational music.

As a model, her work has been shown in German Vice Magazine and Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at The National Portrait Gallery. She recently collaborated with Irish artist/producer Enda Gallery on her latest single ‘Ask Yourself Why’ and is currently working with Berlin-based artist/producer Chris Zippel (Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams). Vincent Littlehat wants to step into an unknown journey full of curiosity and a child-like spirit.

Chris Zippel

Chris Zippel is an electronic music producer from Berlin who has worked with a variety of well-known artists, including Pet Shop Boys, Anggun, Klaus Schulze, Jose Padilla, Norah Jones, SNAP and the Band Ich und Ich around singer Adel Tawil.

Early and throughout his career he has created and supported underground Projects & DJs from all over the world like Marmion, Paul Van Dyk, Steve Lawler, Namito, Schiller, Baby D, CRSZPL or Denki.

As the initiator of the Electronica project ‘Genuine’, Chris launched the Nu Ambient Scene around 2000 with three highly acclaimed albums, while also being founder of the Techno label D ́Vision Records in the midst of the Rave -revolution shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Mehran Djojan

Kabul-born, Berlin-based photographer and director Mehran Djojan captures beautiful conceptual portraits that explore the dreamlike realm of his imagination. The 25-year-old artist, who is studying communication design, uses nature as his backdrop to create compelling scenes that are striking in their moody simplicity.

Although often surreal in scope, the images appear effortlessly natural; they evoke emotion through the expressiveness of the subjects’ faces and bodies within the environment, rather than overly contrived, digitally manipulated tropes of the genre.

In Djojan’s world, a piercing gaze, a mysterious prop, and an elusive daydream are all it takes to create a fantastic photo.

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Vincent Littlehat: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vincentlittlehat/ | Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0hEuEC7y6q2ouLuPxYQKkG?si=uGufe9juSje6q9XtWVZ2Iw

Chris Zippel: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crszpl/ |Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/artist/1AqrT183IuX4ZbUIBSEnWS?si=8qJjkMYHTOKJnI_MVIJFAw

Mehran Djojan: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mehrandjojan/ | Website: http://mehrandjojan.com/ 

Louis Seriot: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louisseriot/ | TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe4TRP69/