Unleashed revolution: The Dead South

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The Dead South is a four-piece band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, formed by Nathaniel Hills, Scott Pringle, Danny Kenyon and Colton Crawford.

Their highly anticipated fourth studio album titled ‘Chains & Stakes’ is set for release on February 9th under Six Shooter Records. Recently, on December 4, 2023, The Dead South unveiled their latest single, “A Little Devil,” produced in collaboration with Jimmy Nutt.

“A Little Devil” weaves a tale of love, struggle and conflicting emotions all wrapped up in the band’s unique musical style. The composition has a rich arrangement adorned with poetic touches.

The inclusion of cello, mandolin, guitar, and banjo elevates the tone and thematic essence of the song, as well as the harmonies that they produce. While the song carries a mood of sorrow, its vibrant melody emanates hope and redemption, with unvarnished sincerity that is sure to win over its audience.

In an era witnessing the ascent of dark rave music, the track’s inviting melodies and rhythmic patterns are entrancing, offering a profound experience heightened by its introspective and blue lyrics. 

The Dead South-Chains&Stakes-A Little Devil

The Dead South’s distinctive fusion of folk and bluegrass forms a foundation for the emotionally charged narrative. The blend of melodies and evocative instrumentation complements the intensity of the lyrics, creating in an immersive musical journey that resonates profoundly with the song.

They introduce fresh elements to the realm, offering an unconventional yet insightful perspective on the genre. 

“Inspired by bluegrass. Just not bluegrass: The Dead South plants a stake in the ground”

“Chains & Stakes” encapsulates the essence of The Dead South, embodying their signature blend of dark undertones and polytropic components which showcase their increasing willingness to venture into new musical territories while staying genuine to their established identity.

In October of next year, The Dead South will debut their album live in Mexico City, the city where they recorded Chains & Stakes, bringing the album’s tale full circle.

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