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Ashley Scott is showing her work at this weekend’s Gallery Weekend, with an opening party on the 28th and the exhibition running for the next two days. 

A Berlin-based creator of wearable art, Scott is known for making unusual bags, often made from tightly moulded acrylic glass and industrial plexi glass. Her bags have been exhibited at Berlin Fashion Week and Berlin Design Week. Her sculptural designs are remarkable for their textures and their bringing together of soft and hard lines, inspired by different elemental states.

Scott’s latest collection, ‘Invisible Rays’, seeks to unify two distinct states: free-flowing forms that draw upon air and water are channelled into more rigid geometric shapes.
For Scott, this is not merely an aesthetic decision. The collection is about personal development: how amorphous energies and potentials become channelled into a more focused structure.

We might take this as a description of Ashley Scott’s own artistic
journey, which seems to have directed the freedom of an arts education into an impressive mastery of her specific, though evolving, style. It is up to the viewer (or wearer) of Scott’s pieces to interpret the smoothness and intensity of this transition from the freedom of vague transparency to the decisive, jutting angles that hold the compositions together. For her exhibition at Langhein, the artist envisages a gradual response to her works: “The sculptures will appear nude and invisible at first glance, causing the viewer to interact and come closer to capture their spirits.”

‘Invisible Rays’ by Ashley Scott

Exhibition: Apr. 29–30, 2017; 12-9 PM

Opening: Apr. 28, 2017; 7 PM


Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 25, 10178 Berlin

Website Ashley Scott:

Website Langhein:


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