A Grand Day Out @ NSA Station Teufelsberg Berlin

by | Everything Else

The city of Berlin is organising a Summer festival with art and culture in the abandoned Teufelsberg NSA listening station. The “Devil’s hill” in the middle of Grunewald forest, was built on the rubble of destroyed German houses, pushed on the outskirts of the city during reconstruction.

What then became an NSA compound for close to fifty years has since been converted into an artists’ residency. There were plans in the middle of nineties to transform the area into an apartment complex, but these plans were later dropped. Other plans included David Lynch and other TM fanatics buying the place back to erect a tower in honour of who knows what.

A guided tour is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. so don’t be late if you wish to learn more about the place. There will be tons of visual and urban art, music, food

How to get there: Get the S-Bahn, S9 or S75 to Heerstraße, or S1 to Grunewald and walk/cycle from there.

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