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After being invited to take part in an Escape Berlin experience, I must admit I was feeling a little nervous. I had no idea what to expect and I’m not great coping with the dark. However, after rounding up a group of my friends we set out to conquer the Sherlock Holmes Experience.
Escaping Berlin is elementary
Escape Berlin’s closest Sbahn is Landsberger Alle and as we jumped on the train at 9:45pm and walked down the dark back streets to our final destination, I had already begun to feel my heart-rate rising. We finally found where we needed to be and entered the lift that took up us to the fifth floor. We were then greeted by the friendliest man who showed us into the waiting room. We all sat speculating as to what the next hour would have in store. Our host then returned to tell us the do’s and don’t of the game but to also set the mood. He began by telling us our role in the mystery and what our objective was. We had to locate Sherlock Holmes’s whereabouts, so he could stop Moriarty.
Masterpiece of an experience
The time had come to enter ‘the room’. All six of us were locked in what appeared to be a Victorian living room and we had to figure out our escape. The next hour was full of clue-solving, strategical challenges, team-work along with the odd jump out of your skin moments. Now I’m not going to ruin anything for those of you wishing to take part, but I can honestly say it was possibly one of the fastest hours of my life. I left feeling exhilarated, with my heart racing and adrenaline coursing through my body. This was truly a masterpiece of an experience. I was not expecting such high quality, well thought out challenges and dumbfounding problems. All members of my group enjoyed their evening thoroughly and we have already begun planning our next trip. So if you fancy yourself sleuthing in Old London or would much rather something slightly more high-tech, fear not Escape Berlin has something for everyone.
Our team of consulting detectives

If Sherlock Holmes doesn’t butter your crumpet
I’m pleased to say we successfully completed the mission with mere minutes to spare. Afterwards we were told about the other options that you can take part in:


Big Bang’s Escape experience works with lazer beams and has the image of superheroes on it’s door.

A new experience that has been added is Schnapsladen, a hard-core drinking challenge in a post modern world    setting. Strong team spirit and an even stronger liver is advised.

Finally, there is something for you horror fans. Raw toys with human fears and preys on what you as the individual fear the most. Not for the faint-hearted. I must admit you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming into the horror one, but no doubt there are people out there braver than I.

Thank you, Escape Berlin. We had a great time
I cannot recommend Escape Berlin enough. As the largest escape game in Europe,  it’s perfect for birthdays, stags & hens and also something new and exciting to do on a rainy Berlin afternoon. Be sure to go soon before the secret is out and all of their slots get booked up.

Escape Berlin!

And if you’re elsewhere in Germany, go to


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