Introducing Letters From Berlin : A Multimedia Book

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Are you ready for a fabulous new hybrid publication?
Letters from Berlin will delight armchair travellers and Berlin aficionados alike.
The digital serial publisher The Pigeonhole announces the launch of its second series of Pigeon Posts : Weekly dispatches coming from an array of hot writers. Long-time Berliners and recent arrivals contribute their personal and lively essays, each about different districts of Berlin.

Multimedia extra content includes stunning photos and video diaries, music and unique sound recordings. The Pigeonhole’s blog, the Pigeon Feed, will also be showcasing Berlin during the series, and a programme of live events in dierent districts of the city is planned.

Expect anecdotes, reflections on culture, history, architecture, people, food and, above all, the richness of everyday life in the city on the Spree.

The series launches on 20 July 2015.

Jacob Cockcroft spent two years in Berlin building The Pigeonhole. He says:

Not only is Berlin a magical place to live, somehow combining a deep sense of history with the feel of a frontier city, but all the districts are little worlds in themselves, with separate identities, lives and loves. This series offers readers a way into this zeitgeist, combining words, multimedia extras and neighbourhood meet-ups with the writers.

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Here’s an excerpt, by Joseph Given on Treptow-Köpenick

It’s one of those nineteenth-century workers’ houses, pretty dilapidated both outside and inside.
The paint of the entrance is dark and speckled in parts. There’s a dank smell. We go up the well-worn wooden staircase to the second floor. The flat itself seems clean. I am interested to see how the landlord gets twenty people into this place. Four double bunks in two of the rooms and two more in the smaller room: sure enough, twenty beds. Some of his flatmates are sitting in the reasonably spacious kitchen playing cards. There are no decorations other than a cheap picture of Buddha on the wall.

Contributor line-up:
Eliza Apperley (Lichtenberg)
Eve Danger (Friedrichshain)
Joseph Given (Treptow-Köpenick)
Lucy Renner Jones (Prenzlauer Berg)
Valerie Kittlitz (Tiergarten)
Marcel Krüger (Wedding)
Anna Lazarescu (Steglitz)
Linka A. Odom (Kreuzberg)
Jonas Scheler (Charlottenburg)
Lily Sykes (Tempelhof-Schöneberg)
Ambika Thompson (Neukölln)
Micki Weinberg (Mitte)


Photo : Linka A Odom,

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