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Many trends fell out of style in 2021 and for some of them, we are thankful that they did. This week, we at Indie Republik bring you out top pics of what fell out of style in 2021 and some fashion trends that will make it into 2022.

Let’s start with some fashion trends of 2021 that will not come back for 2022:

Skinny Jeans

A staple item in the past 3 years, especially amongst millennials, has truly fallen by the wayside. I was not happy with this one in the beginning, but when I got a taste for what replaced it, I was sold. 

Yes, it was the wide-legged pant that made it back… I want to say “from the 90ies”?

Still many of us hope this trend comes back, so we will keep the stack of folded skinny jeans in our closets. 


Booties were worn alongside skinny jeans, remember rolling them up? 

Replaced with higher-length boots (at any length, just higher) the booties will not pass onto the trends of 2022.


I am not sure when was this ever in style, but we saw some of it this 2021 and replaced it with a long cardigan, an oversized one. 

Large sequins

Any big sequins on clothing are out, we have seen it on tops and skirts, and as fun as it sounds, I did not find them so flattering as they can create a bit of bulk. Smaller sequins are in this holiday season! On skirts, tops, and on wide-legged pants.

Real Fur

More and more luxury fashion brands have pledged not to use fur when it comes to their products. Gucci and Michael Kors are two major brands that have implemented this policy, fast fashion brands such as H&M, Zara and Gap have also gone completely fur-free. This trend will definitely continue to roll out to 2022 and beyond along with any sustainable fashion trends. 

Real Fur is Out.

Some of the trends we loved at Indie Republik and will continue to see as trends of 2022:


The colour palette this winter season will be a broad one for sure. On that we cannot get enough of is the “all browns” trend. Think Mokka, coffee, and sand. Mix dark tones with lighter and mid-tones.

Exaggerated shoulders

We have seen this trend a lot on boyfriend items, such as the boyfriend blazer, hoodie, and white T-shirt. The sweatshirt with the oversized shoulder line is here to stay.

Extra puffy sleeves on knit tops, princess sleeves, and more to be rolled out into the fashion trends of 2022.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats feel rather infantile, and wearing them as an adult, I am always conscious of how silly they look – as though I am trying to recapture my youth. And having said that I think they are super playful and can be worn in so many different ways, paired up to be hipster style or minimal. 

And last but not least: 


Since home office has been in already for two years, comfy clothes have been a big hit. So being able to translate this into the streets has been an art. You can pair a comfy oversized pair of sweats with combat boots and a knit sweater to run daily errands and not have to change. 

As an Indie Blog, we love celebrating inspiration and uniqueness. It is our pleasure to bring content that you enjoy. Be playful with what you wear, focus on what makes you happy, and set your own trend. You (and the world) deserve the joy of your creativity. 

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