Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival : the greatest of Iran’s musical treasure in one event

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If December is known to be a dull, cold and subdued month of the year, remember Christmas lights are here to enlighten your days and the Tehran Contemporary Sounds festival to warm your body and soul with their incredible line-up. If you haven’t heard of them yet, we’re here to give you every scrumptious detail on this upcoming event.
An empowering event for Iranian culture
The Tehran Contemporary Sounds festival’s aim was, from the beginning, to unite sensibilities, opinions and talents and to offer a look into Iran’s rich and unique cultural diversity. Even when it started as a Berlin-based hub dedicated to musicians, artists and collectives, the event wanted to bring together the different voices and forces from the big spectrum of the Iranian contemporary art and music scene, widely spread across the globe.

This year, the festival has grown more than ever and is coming back for three days of the best of contemporary Iranian electronic and experimental sound. Collaborating with the brilliant Nullsight collective and Zabte Sote label, the Tehran Contemporary Sounds festival showcases a miscellany of the most influential Iranian artists. DJs, composers and emergent performers to discover alongside renowned Iranian artists, all gifted and representative of the internationality of Iranian music, will attend this important event that honors a splendid culture.
Brace yourself for music, art and magnificent visual performances
Other than bringing more than 20 Iranian artists from around the world to Berlin, the Tehran Contemporary Sounds festival will also have a a special showcase from Zabte Sote label’s artists. An exhibition run by Nullsight collective will also be presented as well as 6 audiovisual performances in Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1.


Let’s dive into these two very exciting art events. First, Nullsight’s exhibition. The exhibition is entitled NOXTE and is an invitation to a mystical and spiritual experience in which you will be guided to the discovery of the trauma of living in third world countries. NOXTE stimulates the public’s mind, freedom, social opinions and depth in order to support benevolent values for art. A young and engaged generation of Iranian artists will be presenting their art through mediums including interactive digital installations, sculptures, drawings and code-generated arts. The talented artists taking part in NOXTE are Ashkan GH, Arya Tabandehpour, Behzad Shahravan, Mohammadreza Tazari, Reyhaneh Afzalian, Parinaz Goodarzian, Mitra Valaei, Donya Fazelnia and Shahab Shahali.

The label Zabte Sote will also have the chance to showcase some of its best artists on the stage of the festival. The label focuses on Iranian experimental electronic music composers. The modalities of the exciting performances from the resident artists of the label will soon be announced, stay tuned to the festival’s social media!

You already understood how special and important this event is. The festival is a one of a kind opportunity to discover Iranian artists from around the world and support their work as well as the relevance of their international cultural impact. Unique DJ sets and concerts, audio visual performances as well as the NOXTE exhibition are just one little part of what this event is. The Tehran Contemporary Sounds festival is an artistic roar for cultural diversity and discovery. If you want to be sure to make your December month exciting and artistically stimulating, book your tickets now for this groundbreaking event happening from the 6th to the 8th.

Visual/Photo credit :  Erfan Jamshidi

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