indieberlin book fair: Poet Alexandra Naughton Will Have You Inwardly Exploding

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Alexandra Naughton is a recent winner of Entropy’s Civil Coping Mechanisms Novel Contest (wow?!), and the author of I Will Always Be Your Whore: Love Songs for Billy Corgan, brought to you by Punk Hostage Press. AMAZINGLY, she will be available to phone from our #Literophone in Berlin on November 7th, where indie book fair trawlers can sit in a soundproofed fluffy booth at the back and telephone a poet. The poet will read a poem, or some flash fiction, down the phone. Enjoy the privilege of hearing Alexandra Naughton read to you, and only to you. Wow. Omg. Look how beautifully she writes:

I’m writing you out of all my stories. Even the boring ones, like the ones where you’re just standing there. You’re still standing there but it’s someone else now. You’re better when you’re someone else.

I’ve got less of an agenda now. Can you tell.

Lol look at this bitch writing another chapbook. What a silly bitch.

Lol look she’s still talking about the same shit.

No one is like that. And everything is on a loop anyway. Our known universe is a record spinning on a turntable forever, playing the same long song on repeat.

What do I even know. Not much tbh. I don’t pretend to even. I’m ready to admit defeat at a moment’s hesitation. Suited up for failure. My desperation fatigues. Like that stain on your shirt. I mean my shirt.

Thanks for assuming I’m comfortable.

How to be considerate. Introduce me to your friends, even the ones you don’t really like. How to be a good friend. Quit criticizing me for my lack of description.

Looking at people on the bus and the bags they carry like I like this grave I made this grave I like this grave.

Looking in the mirror like why do you think you have authority. I heard rigidity makes you brittle. How did you get so dogmatic. You don’t even have any handlers.

Let’s be real I’m nothing special. I’m not special. I’m no one in particular. I’m just some sensitive bitch on the internet. Like, I wish I was strong, I wish I could stand up for myself, but I’m emotional and hate confrontation and it’s literally easier to let people think whatever they want about me. I’m not here to change minds. I can barely change my own.

Lol judge me without any context. Watch me draw all over my face in ballpoint ink.

Poet Alexandra Naughton
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