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Today, Askers Dodge released their new single “Be Mine”. And it’s just in time to get you in the mood for Valentine’s day.
But, make no mistake their new single is anything but lovey- dovey, it forges its own bloody lustful valentine. The sultry song gives of a vibe of borderline psychopathic love. The opening guitar chords lure you in like hypnosis as Greg Thompson describes what he would do to get you to be his for the night “swap the sun for the moon, just to get close to you”. The backing vocals echo around like dark angels, begging you to give yourself away. The song plays with a sense of passionate, yet dark love in which one would do anything just to be with someone for the night. Askers Dodge is summoning their queen and would die in her arms if she would be theirs.

For this occasion we asked a few questions to Greg Thompson.

indieBerlin: What have you been up to lately ?
Greg: Well, we’ve been doing what we always do, playing as many shows as possible and getting ourselves out there. Played our first show of the year with our mates Caustic Minds which went down a treat… much better than any of us had expected to be honest! It was our first show since recording too which was nice and refreshing, getting back out of just the world of the songs we we’re doing back into some of the old favourites… like your favourite pair of underpants you’ve rediscovered after a while, you’ve found a new confidence in wearing them.

It was one of those which writes itself and I set myself free with the lyrics a little
indieBerlin: what’s the plan for the future?
Greg: If we told you everything, we’d have to kill you, but there is an EP in the works for a while now which will be a bit if a statement for us as a group. Of course, we’re going to have a big sod off party for it as well with a group I’ve wanted us to play with ever since I saw them in my first year in Berlin. Maybe after we’ll have a treat here and there to put out as well, some reworked songs. We’re pretty loose about that in the run up to getting our first real EP out. We’re looking to spread our tiny wings too, looking at a little, pre-Brexit of course, UK set of dates. With me as the only Brit, who knows, we may not be let out or in after the 29th of March!

indieBerlin:  What is the story behind “Be Mine” ?
Greg: The song sorta came from a what if question I asked of myself. “What if Bram Stoker wrote a love song for the modern age?”. To be entirely honest I can’t remember writing too much of it. It was one of those which writes itself and I set myself free with the lyrics a little, threw in a few tongue and cheek hammer horror style lines. As soon as we got together in the rehearsal it was something different for us, and the feeling and vibe of this haunting character in the words took us somewhere. Bridge section is all down to the guys in the band, Petur (guitar) took these delicious little chords, Toto (drums) added a groove to the song we didn’t know it had and Domi (bass) brought that driving section which moves it along.

indieBerlin: What’s your position on valentines day then?
Greg: Missionary through a hole in a bedsheet, next.

indieBerlin: Do you have a valentine ?
Fortunately, this year I do have a date, Rock at Sage we’ve got a show, which if you know anything about that place, on other days of the week it’s a sex themed club. How apt. So if you’re planning on coming to the show, you’ll all be my Valentine.

Askers Dodge will be playing a bunch of shows in the coming weeks, starting with the release party of “Be mine” music video on Valentine’s day (at Rock at Sage, no less) as well as Basement Bash on the 26th of February at Urban Spree, opening for the incredible Surfbort.

Say yes to Askers Dodge for this Valentine’s day!
Oh, and we also have some free tix for the show at Rock at Sage. Send an email to and we will get you sorted.
Photo credit: Anna Wyszomierska

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