Banglist live at Lofi Lounge in Schokoladen 6th Feb with Pieter Piek and special guest

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Banglist, the band that everyone’s talking about as being the next big thing out of Berlin, is live tomorrow (at time of writing) at the now-legendary Lofi Lounge in the also-now-legendary Schokoladen in Berlin-Mitte, with Peter Piek plus a special guest of Banglist on the line-up!

Banglist are a two-parts Iceland, two-parts Norway independent pop band who met up at the BIMM music college located on the RAW-Gelände and gig-by-gig, song-by-song, been establishing themselves as the band to watch right now. Peter Piek is another well-established indie act, as well as being a performance artist and well artist in general.

Schokoladen is now one of the oldest independent music venues in Berlin. Starting out as a squat in the early 90s, it’s stayed absolutely resolute in its refusal to be co-opted into mainstream entertainment, corporatism, and in its determination to keep prices low while presenting the best in independent cultural offerings.

The Lofi Lounge has been running for many years every Wednesday, now fortnightly, and has also long been one of the must-play locations of any self-respecting touring independent band passing through Berlin – as well, of course, as any self-respecting local independent band. Curated and run by Kitty Solaris, the Lofi Lounge is known for presenting a perfect snapshot of the most interesting bands at any one time in Berlin.

Kitty Solaris is of course also one of the longer-term denizens of the indie landscape: since her critically well reviewed debut album, Future Air Hostess, in the early zeroes, she’s been putting out her Cat Power / Velvent Undergournd-esque antipop numbers with resolute regularity.

Do we have tickets for the show? Of course we do.


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