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Banglist will play at Fête de la Musique Berlin this Friday! Spoiler alert: they promised an electric show!

Do we really have to introduce them to you again? OK, we’ll do it. But it’s because it’s you and because it’s Banglist.

Banglist is a Scandipop group, it’s quite hard to put them in only one box. I guess if I had to give you their music genre, I’d say they play indie pop-rock. They released their single “Fearless” a few weeks ago and announced the imminent release of their second single “Come for me” in two weeks.

They came all the way from Iceland and Norway and became a band in Berlin. They’ve performed a lot in our beautiful city, from Klunkerkranich to Shokoladen, stepping by Marie Antoinette or Auster Club for example.

And lucky you, they’ll play this Friday at Fete de la Musique! You’ll be able to see them around Warschauer during the day and they’ll perform at Liquor Store Berlin in Charlottenburg at nighttime. And, huge bonus, they’re going to do a physical release of their new singleCome for me” at this very show, two weeks before the online release.

Come and see them, you won’t regret it! Their shows are always crazy. You can have a look at what they did last year at Fete de la musique:

Let’s end up on Banglist‘s promise for Friday’s shows: “We can offer danceable songs, a hell of a live show and GLITTER.”. You can find an interview with Banglist on the Fete de la Musique’s website.

Hope to see you on Friday.

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