Berlin Indie Queen Kitty Solaris interview: new single plus live tonight!

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indieBerlin is very happy to know that the indomitable Kitty Solaris is back with a new album.

Kitty has been a presence on the scene since the late 90s not only with her own music, resolutely indie, but also her label Solaris Empire – 60 releases in 10 years, as we find out below…she’s one of the few people who have stayed determinedly true to her vision and idea of what music and what making music should be – not only paving her own way but opening the door to a huge number of bands that make great music but still need a helping hand. Kitty has also been running the now-every-second-Wednesday Lofi Lounge at the Schokoladen since forever, which has become a highly respected port of call for every self-respecting touring indie band….

Anyway, so we’ve asked Kitty some questions and invited her to tell us about her new album….

indieBerlin: You’ve been making music in Berlin since the mid 90s – how has the city changed? How have the venues, the scene, etc changed?

Kitty Solaris: I guess I started a bit later 🙂
Claro, the scene changed a lot, there were a lot of underground bars and temporary places.
Tacheles in Oranienburger Straße was a great concert venue, and Eimer at Rosenthaler Straße. The scene was located in Berlin Mitte, it was much cheaper an less mainstream than the clubs today. The music clubs at Greifswalder Straße like Knaak and Magnet Club disappeared completely due to gentrification and problems with the neighbours. Now the nightlife happens in Neukölln. There are some interesting places I’ve never been.

indieBerlin: Do you still feel optimistic about the independent music scene?

Kitty Solaris:There were times when I was not so sure about it..
I´m surprised how many good bands and musicians are coming to Berlin, who are very enthusiastic about the city and the scene. They seem to find something that’s already lost in other capitals like London or New York.

indieBerlin: What do you feel are the main challenges that an independent musician or band faces these days?

Kitty Solaris: As a musician you have to put a lot of energy to build up a fanbase and into promoting yourself…
and of course create excellent music at the same time. It doesn´t always go together, there are some great musicians who are not into social media

indieBerlin: So your new single is out – tell us something about it.

Kitty Solaris: It’s a song inspired by a nightly walk in Berlin Kreuzberg,
observing a dancing tourist on the street without coat in the winter,
feeling strange about some kind of Berlin hype, and all the consequences like
gentrification, Clubsterben, etc.

indieBerlin: And your upcoming album…where did you record it? And how?

Kitty Solaris: We recorded the album at Lovelite Studio with Jochen Stroeh, Me and my drummer Steffen played drums, guitar + voice at the same time, did some little guitar overdubs later with Steffen´s guitar. We also had a few guests like Rod Miller on Keyboards and Lucio Capese on bass clarinet for a couple of songs.

This time we wanted to go back to the roots and record an album like we play live together with voice, drums and guitar. It´s raw and also very rocky.

indieBerlin: And also, how would you say it differs from your last album?

Kitty Solaris: The last album “Silent Disco” was quieter and more electronic, it was much more produced with
different keyboards and stuff. We had only one song with real drums.
This time we wanted to go back to the roots and record an album like we play live together with voice, drums and guitar. It´s raw and also very rocky.

After 60 releases in 10 years, we are working on a new label website

indieBerlin: What’s happening with your label Solaris Empire these days?

Kitty Solaris: After 60 releases in 10 years, we are working on a new label website and planning to offer different label services and promotional services for artists.

indieBerlin: And I hear you have a regular radio show on Radio Alex – when is it, what’s the frequency, and who/what will you be featuring in the next shows?

Kitty Solaris: The next show will be on air on march 26 (16:00) on Alex radio 91null with Raw Ny Peppers from Korea and Case Van Duzer.
On April 24 we have a Sofia Härdig special and Gordon Raphael who introcuces his new album “Sleep On The Radio”!
On May 25 we have the fresh new berlin bands Fjaka andNoisebody as guests.

indieBerlin: When and where can we buy the album?

Kitty Solaris: The album title is “Cold City”! After the first single “Cold City” that is currently released and available on all digital plattforms like Itunes etc., we are planning two more singles, before the whole album will be released in autumn, suitable to the season!

indieBerlin: When and where can we next see you live?

Kitty Solaris: The Single Release Party is on friday, march 23, 20:30 at Badehaus. Revaler Str. 99!
It will be a douple Single Release Party together with HAWK, and irish band currently moved to berlin, who will also release their new Single!
Noisebody from New York City will open the night with his groovy keyboards and voice.

indieBerlin: Any shout-outs? Anyone you’d like to thank/say hallo to?

Kitty Solaris: Thanks to all the people who helped to create the record, specially to Olga Bazcynska, who made the Single and Albumcover!

indieBerlin: Thanks for the interview!


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