Chelou – Out Of Sight

by | indieBerlin

Fresh from the release of his debut album Out of Sight¸ Camden-born artist Chelou has gifted us with a rainbow-tinted video for the record’s title track.

A kaleidoscope of colours, the mesmerising alt-indie video sucks you into a psychedelic microcosm and douses you in glitter, before spitting you out into something of a genre-bending whirlpool. Intriguing and slick, it’s a beautifully produced track, with dazzling animation courtesy of the unfairly talented Robin Eisenberg.

Layers of thoughtful instrumentation combined with husky double-tracked vocals complement the existential lyrics perfectly. It’s somehow boundary-crossing and classic at the same time, retaining the hallmarks of electronic whilst challenging expectations of the genre.

Described as a “sentimental pastiche of the homegrown [Chelou’s] inner voice, touching on personal themes of belonging, trust, connection, and self-discovery”, it’s a brief but bright meditation on purpose, and the complications and intricacies that surround this. His sound is totally unique, and, frankly, we’re a little appalled that we haven’t stumbled across him sooner.

With a name like Chelou, it comes as no surprise that this form of expression is rather enigmatic and curious. There’s something delicious about the contrast between such an explosion of vibrancy and a secluded artist who prefers to stay well out of the gaze of the public.

In these circumstances, it’s impossible not to fully engage with the art, and the sonic exploration within this record is certainly something you should be paying close attention to. Chelou’s about to embark on his first tour of the US – we implore you to catch a live set of his if the opportunity strikes. If the YouTube comments on this video are anything to go by, you’ll be in for a real treat.

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