Interview with Coeur de Pirate – a mix of Gondry and Jarmusch

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indieberlin was very impressed with itself when it managed to corner the pirate heart herself, the artist Coeur de Pirate, real name Béatrice Martin, for an interview. Cœur de Pirate is playing live in PBHFCLUB (Postbahnhof Club for the unitiated, like me before I used the power of google to achieve enlightenment) on the 29th April.

Already in 2008 Canadian artist Béatrice Martin entered the canadian Top 50 with her self-titled debut album, and was at Nr. 2 in France – singing mainly in French as she has done up until her newest album Roses, featuring such perfect slices of pop as Carry On and Undone. Loved by millions in France and French-speaking Canada, she’s now making serious inroads into the resolutely English-speaking section of the pop world. We wait with bated breath.

indieberlin: How did you come up with the name Coeur de Pirate?

Cœur de Pirate: It was out of revenge… I had an ex that had a project called songs for sailors. He told me I wouldn’t be able to do anything with my life, so I called my project “Her pirate heart” and translated it when I switched languages in songwriting.
I’m pretty obsessed with peanut butter, pokemon and I sleep with socks on
indieberlin: Tell us something about yourself that you always wanted to say but no one has ever asked you yet.

Cœur de Pirate: I’m pretty obsessed with peanut butter, pokemon and I sleep with socks on.

indieberlin: How does the songwriting process work for you?

Cœur de Pirate: I’ll have a melody, then I’ll run to the piano and try my best to do something ok, and then I’ll find lyrics. It can take no time at all, or a lot of time.

indieberlin: If you had to describe your music to a deaf person, what would you say?

Cœur de Pirate: It feels like walking through fog on a beach, or the colours gray and purple.
Like Gondry and  Jarmusch mixed together
indieberlin: If your music was a movie, which genre would it be in?

Cœur de Pirate: Haha, something pretty contemplative yet erratic? I guess like Gondry and  Jarmusch mixed together.

indieberlin: Tell us a secret about yourself.

Cœur de Pirate: I love TV series. I’ve watched all of them. I binge watch everything.
I binge watch everything
indieberlin: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Cœur de Pirate: Places and people, my experiences mostly. I love getting inspired by trips and people I meet through that.
Old punk and sometimes hip hop…I’m into Lapsley right now
indieberlin: What music do you listen to when you’re touring?

Cœur de Pirate: It depends, old punk and sometimes hip hop. I’m into Lapsley right now but that’s not really in link with those genres.

indieberlin: What was the last concert you went to?

Cœur de Pirate: Oh dear, um, The Nutcracker? But that wasn’t a concert haha, a ballet.

indieberlin: What was your biggest stage fuck-up?

Cœur de Pirate: I forgot my in-ears (in-ear sound monitors-Ed.) once before going on stage, that was not fun.

indieberlin: What was the nicest compliment you once got?

Cœur de Pirate: That I’m magical. That’s always nice to hear.
I love tearing down things and making them into different things
indieberlin: How do you feel about covering a song?

Cœur de Pirate: I cover songs all the time! I love it. I love tearing down things and making them into different things.

indieberlin: Do you prefer to play big festivals / stages or smaller club gigs?

Cœur de Pirate: Everything, it’s different vibes for sure but I love both.

indieberlin: In ten years you look back to today and think:

Cœur de Pirate: I’m glad I was doing what I was doing then. I’m tired but fulfilled.

indieberlin: Do you dream in colour or black and white?

Cœur de Pirate: Colour!

indieberlin: Do you see your songs in colour or in black and white?

Cœur de Pirate: In colour too, obviously.


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