Cosmo’s Midnight gave us beats to live for! | Live Performance Review

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In a small, sectioned-off part of Club Gretchen on Wednesday 12th September, the two twin producers from Australia, Cosmo and Patrick Liney, gave us all the beats we needed.

Having been to Club Gretchen repeatedly, I remember huge spaces and massive light productions for their performers. However, this time was something altogether more intimate… a small stage with the necessary gear, a small crowd of beloved fans, and a real chance to hear and connect to the music in a different way than Gretchen’s normal performances.

Cosmo's Midnight in Club Gretchen with indieBerlin

Cosmo’s Midnight got up on stage and gave us huge sweeps of drum beats; grooving, deep bass lines and the generated tunes we know and love. They played their hit tracks including History, Get to Know, featuring another hit Australian band Winston Surfshirt, and Where U Been, featuring Boogie.

The performance was exceptionally intimate, but instead of relaying and bouncing the music off of each other, the twins faced in different directions in the crowd, performing their separate instruments of drums, piano and bass. This was actually quite impressive, knowing each other and their music so well, that they could sync themselves to the beat and each other.

Cosmo’s Midnight’s music is always a delight to listen to, as you never know what you are going to get. Some songs are more heavily R’n’B, hip-hop and rap, some songs are pop and electro-pop, and others are more electric and dance. Whatever genre you do dip into, the heavy beats and production are similar and will surely make you bounce and dance.

For more information on Cosmo’s Midnight, their latest tracks and albums, and to find out about their upcoming gigs, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cosmo's Midnight at Club Gretchen with indieBerlin

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