Drop everything: It’s Amanda Palmer!

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The music industry is in decline, going down the drain, blah blah.

Some people who happen to make music are actually creative though, and make amazing use of the new digital-age possibilities. You’ve probably heard of Amanda Palmer, vanguard, crazy lady, former eight-foot-bride and Dresden Doll, wife of writer Neil Gaiman, and more recently, mother to an adorable baby. One could rightfully argue that she’s managed to turn her life into an ever-expanding artwork, and …

Just listen to the song!

oh, you know what? Just listen to her new, completely patron-funded song, Machete, and if you like it even a little bit, then go read up on what else she’s done recently, like a goosebumps-inducing, beautiful Bowie tribute ep, or maybe read her book, The Art of Asking, which explains a lot, plus it will probably make you cry a lot. And when you’ve done that (or maybe right away, for you can just as well skip reading up on anything), become a patron and support her. You’ll be rewarded with ALL THE THINGS. I for one feel proud to help fund this stuff. Why? Because it’s immediate, and heartfelt and true. Hey, even Rolling Stone got wind and talked about it right away!


And because the gorgeous song cover picture had to be cropped for this post, here it is again in full, revealing the hidden knife.


Machete song image

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