The Eight Days of Marzahn Art Festival on this weekend

by | indieBerlin

Marzahn – well ok, it’s not so obviously hip like Kreuzkölln, it’s not so lasse faire like Prenzlauerberg, it’s not ultra chic and pricey like Mitte, and it’s not so culturally everything all the time like Friedrichshain.

But as this city keeps spreading and changing, looking for new places to do stuff in where the rents haven’t gone sky high and where it’s not already hipster heaven/hell, then maybe it’s time to look at Marzahn…
The Eight Days of Marzahn Art Festival is here to show us just what’s going on in that once jeered at hood…in a hugely diverse, interdisciplinary program of exhibitions and events, stuff from photography, painting, sound, performance and that very Berlin concept the “Installation”, will be on show. Tomorrow ie Saturday 8th July is the last chance to check it out, and as we both know, shutting down parties are always way cooler than opening parties. Get yourself on down there…

Get more and preciser details of the Marzahn Eight Days Art Festival from their website.

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