FKJ was the multi-instrumental genius we thought he would be

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Last week on Thursday 25th, FKJ gave Berlin a musical sensation to remember – using, guitar, bass, saxophone, keyboard, production decks and more.

FKJ performing in Festsaal Kreuzberg with indieBerlin in Berlin

Photographer Credit – Alexandra Howard

Inside the depths of Festsaal Kreuzberg, the concert venue was packed for the sold-out performance that FKJ, also known as French Kiwi Juice, was blessing us with.

Multi-instrumentalist Vincent Fenton is well known for his diversity in both instruments and music styles. Blending edgy electronics, jazzy saxophone, smooth funk bass and r’n’b-style beats, there’s no audience that FKJ can’t woo over.

Seeing him live was phenomenal, as he mixed, looped and edited every single piece raw and live, making us feel like we were all part of one massive musical jam that we could still dance to and be inspired by.

One of the highlights was his performance of the song Tadow, the piece in which he collaborated with “TrapHouseJazz” musician Masego. FKJ blew us away with a fantastic saxophone solo, while we had the projected shadow of Masego himself singing vocals at the back of the stage.

FKJ also performed pieces from his 2018 album French Kiwi Juice, including top hits Skyline and Better Give U Up, always mixing solo and creatively adding new, unique spins to his classic work. It’s certainly true that FKJ completely breaks down barriers in genre, style and artistic method.

Ultimately, FKJ was not just a performance, but an experience, the universality of his work meant that he could cross boundaries on already-written and developed songs; mixing it raw and live just proved his exceptional talent even more.

To find out more about FKJ, his up-and-coming gigs and latest releases, follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

FKJ at Festsaal Kreuzberg with indieBerlin in Berlin

Photographer Credit – Alexandra Howard

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