Get your dancing shoes because General Elektrik is coming to Berlin

by | indieBerlin

Let’s hear some groovy funky samples on the background, push the play button to get the voices poppin’ and press the finger on the keyboard, General Elektriks is coming to make your feet mad.
The beat never ceases to make your head bang and then again the sound can always turn surprising. General Elektriks grabs whatever sound and makes it danceable. You just have to listen to its opera prima Cliquety Kliqk to see how broad but congruent the band’s vision is. In regards to the sounds the band uses they can go from doors closing to noises tickling your ears to silences of vintage strings played on keyboards to finish with sampled roars.

Always mutating and changing its approach all of the albums show abyssal differences but remain with a familiar sound. The soul of General Elektriks is the same, the body has grown, the sound evolved, but the groove is the same. Funk will always sound funky no matter anything.

Their earlier stuff is much more electronic. It loses these sampled funky grooves to more drum machine beats, less hip hop more break beat and techno sounds.

Broad and focused, with a clear vision and making use of whatever is found in the world of sound General Electric arrives this 4th of April to Berlin Gretchen – remember to get your tickets here! Write to us at win(at) and get yourself a funky night on the house.

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