We’re ushering in the weekend with Player, the punchy debut single of Berlin based producer Whyen, otherwise masquerading as composer and pianist Yannik Neu.

Opening with a deliciously lo-fi mix, we’re introduced to this curious new artist by means of minimal synth beats alongside an intriguing brass section. Considering it’s the first track to be released, it’s a ballsy and intelligent outing, with a simultaenously rich and clean texture to boot (yeah, we’re well aware that this is a substantial contradiction, but have a listen and you’ll soon see what we’re talking about).

Travelling with ease through a variety of sonic spaces, it’s a well-produced work, with slick transitions and a stripped-back mentality, allowing the synths room to breathe alongside a treasure trove of vocal samples. A gold mine of 90s RnB, it’s the perfect compliment to a unique rhythmic texture. You’re never quite sure where it’s heading, but you’ll happily be taken along for the ride.

Standing as something of a trap/chill hybrid, it showcases the artist’s individuality and novel ability to explore striking melodic movements and patterns. Each section holds itself as a platform for the next one, with the segments interweaving perfectly. It’s not often that you stumble across such a thought-provoking mix, and if Player is anything to go by, you’ll surely be in for another treat very soon.

In amongst the mess of the direct-to-radio boom that’s absorbed the music industry over the past eighteen months, Whyen’s work is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise totally oversatured pair of genres: it’s compelling and smooth and will most definitely capture your attention. Keep your beady eyes peeled for new music – we’re quietly confident that he’s one to watch.

Piqued your interest? Send Whyen unauthorised fan poetry via Facebook, or keep up to date on his music through Soundcloud.