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ZUSTRA played at the Auster Club two days ago. In the room: one drummer, one singer and the public being totally captivated.
I have been nicely surprised by this concert. ZUSTRA is the solo project of Ariana Zustra, also a music journalist. Accompanied by Danny Weber, they’re the kind of artists who manage to convince their audience in less than one song, even those who don’t know anything about them or their music. The singer, Ariana Zustra, is comfortable on stage, dances and interacts with the public. She explains her songs or just makes jokes, but after all, it’s these little things that make a concert unique.

At the beginning of the show, people were all at the back of the room, speaking a bit with each other. But then, as ZUSTRA played her different songs, everyone got bit by bit attracted and moved in front of the stage to be closer enjoy the show better. It’s always a great pleasure to attend concerts like that, where people are just enjoying the music together and discovering a new group.

Concerning ZUSTRA’s music itself, it’s quite hard to define, the music blog Poule D’or says it’s a “dark dream pop that develops into a full-blown James Bond theme”. And I agree with this, it’s quite somber with strong drums. Besides, Ariana has a serene and nice voice and knows when to place it. The result, calm and dreamy is really nice to hear.

I really encourage you to start to follow ZUSTRA, I’m sure she has a lot to offer in the future! If you want to see her on stage, she’ll play at:

La Fête de la Musique in Potsdam on 21/06
Feel Free Festival (Lichterfeld) on 13/07,
Liederlauschen Festival (Oderbruch) on 27+28/07

Photo credit: Christian Schneider


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