indieberlin awards 2015 – the details

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So after xmas we decided that we’d put a long-intended plan into action: A yearly indieberlin awards thing, to highlight the best independent artists, bands, photographers, fashionistas, writers and more. And we’re very impressed by the huge reaction to our first indieberlin awards. There’s been a tsunami of votes coming in for favourite bands and writers especially.

So when does the voting finish?

So when does the voting finish? When do the awards take place? What do people win? These are some of the questions that have been coming up, and here’s the answers:

Voting will end on the 20th January. So until then you can send your votes in for your favourites, and tell your friends to do the same!
How do we find the winners? By a mix of public votes and jury votes. There’ll be a winner in every category and a critics’ choice too.
When will the awards take place? The awards will take place then on the 1st February.
Everyone who voted will go into a hat (not literally haha) and the winner will get our Annual CD Giveaway Bundle, where we give away all the CDs that we got given over the course of the year.
The winners of the awards will get a nice certificate, plus some prizes that we’ll publish in the next week.

So tell your friends – vote for your favourites! And remember, we also have categories for the best fashionista, arftist and photographer…

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