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Lithuanian artist Kotori will be performing her first shows in Berlin under that new name together with Emperor X… She formed part of other bands such as ‘UMIKO’ and ”Ministry of Echology’, but recently she decided to start her own thing. So just before premièring her new stuff, indieberlin caught up with her. 

kotori has a few origins, one of them being a “bird of luck”

indieberlin: I looked up Kotori and found a Manga Character. Do you consider yourself a character in your act


As a word itself, kotori has a few origins, one of them being a “bird of luck” and it’s mostly used as a name. Oh, and it’s a “small bird” as well if you use it in an active language.

My character is what I’m in life mostly, it’s my brain cells connecting, my heart beating, it’s the feeling of moments. The time I spend creating music is majestic in many ways. I prefer good old records and that raw sound – it’s just the same feeling as when you hear a little bird tweeting in the morning and he’s creating a rhythm and melody just for you and himself, and it’s kind of a cool experimental morning electro.

But yeah, there’s much more to music, you know… But you just gotta feel it out, I guess, you cannot put these things into words. And I don’t like Manga, haha! But I really love Miyazaki creations.

indieberlin: You formed part in another band before, what made you decide to start something different?

Well, the band just formed by itself with a little bit of guidance and we recreated the music that I’ve written some years ago to make it sound like a more serious piece of live musical art. I’m just giving a pulse to it. You know, I’ve always been a “one for all and all for one” kinda person.

The web is already filled with all that useless noize about artists

indieberlin:  There isn’t anything about your act Kotori on the web, why so?

The web is already filled with all that useless noize about artists and you know, I’m a bird and you’ll hear me sing. And there’s literally nowhere to rush even if everyone around you does so and makes you feel like you should run with them too. Let your work speak for you.

4indieberlin: You’re performing in Berlin this weekend. What’s your thoughts on the city?

I really like the walls of buildings with so many graffiti pieces on them. It’s as if nobody cares anymore and to me that’s really cool.

indieberlin: What can people expect from your upcoming shows?

Me on the stage, definitely.

indieberlin: Choose – Cassette, CD, Vinyl and why?

I’d prefer to have all of the players. Maybe a CD player in the car, a cassette player for cruising around the city and a record player in my backyard for warm summer nights.

indieberlin: Any fascination with Bjork?

Oh, she’s amazing, isn’t she? I don’t listen to her, tho. I had just one small period of Bjork-time in my younger days. But she can really make you cry your heart out if you just let her.

indieberlin: Healty music scene in Lithuania?

I believe our culture has multiple problems of preserving and growing and loving the art in general. But it really is rising, slowly but surely. And there’s a whole new generation of musicians in Lithuania now that should make a real change.

Oh damn, I misspelled it!

indieberlin: Looks like you have lots of different genres of music on your soundcloud. Can’t stick with one?

Nope, it’s just not working for me as a solo artist. With the band it’s different, you just stick with one type of sound and you grow with it.

indieberlin: Why the misspelled song title ‘Tie your Lacies’? and not ‘Tie your laces’?

Oh damn, I misspelled it! Thanks Shawn, but I won’t fix it to let everyone know that I don’t give a fuck about mistakes.

Thanks Kotori and good luck with the shows.


Interview by Shawn James

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