Interkosmos Fest III at Urban Spree!

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On the 9th of June Interkosmos Fest returns. Acts count Damo Suzuki Network, Cummi Flu, and Blue Crime. Win your tickets here…

In the summer garden live acts will satisfy your senses – along with DJ Wahid Paradis. Fresh foods from the food trucks will take good care of your stomach and when you’re full you can swing by the vinyl market. But you’re probably here because of the main stage. There is no doubt these acts will be a sweet success. Really.

The legendary Damo Suzuki – former lead singer of the German karutrock and cosmic music band Can – is back after a victorious battle against cancer. For the all time performer the break from live shows was tough. But now he’s back and returning to Berlin with his Damo Suzuki Network; also counting Budgie (Siouxsie and The Banshees), Knox Chandler (The Psychedelic Furs), and Shaun Mullroney (Tau). For this show you should simply surrender to not knowing. Drift along with the music that develops. It’s experimental, it’s improvised, it’s psychedelic, it’s beautiful, it’s dark, it’s honest. It’s now.

Cummi Flu is Oliver Doerell. He’s born in Brussels and living in Berlin. Dictaphone, SWOD, Raz Ohara’s Odd Orchestra – all these electronica projects packed in his backpack prove, that this man is a pro. Prepare for a late electronica manifesto that gets under your skin – it’s a massage with feeling and surprising sound constellations.

The journey through the musical cosmos continues: Blue Crime is dreamy, dark, and glows with glitter moving through the sphere. It’s spacey and yet connected to common ground. Noisy guitars slide down the mountains in the moonlight, bright vocals leading the way.

Basically, there’s no reason not to go to the Interkosmos Fest III at Urban Spree on the 9th of June – get your tickets here and swing by the event on Facebook.

Oh, would you rather win your tickets? We’ve got 2×2 tickets. You might be one of the lucky winners if you send an email to: win (at)

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