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We caught up with honey-voiced Julia Jacklin, the Australian alt-country phenomenon, while she was in Berlin recently and had a lovely chat. While you’re here, you might also want to check out our review of Julia Jacklin’s brilliant gig that night…

Noel Maurice: Where do you come from in Australia?

Julia Jacklin: I was born in the Blue Mountains, about 2 hours outside Sydney.

Noel Maurice: Influences?

Julia Jacklin: Influences…Fiona Apple, Leonard Cohen…

Noel Maurice: The difference between Australian and European audiences?

Julia Jacklin: I feel like European audiences applaud longer. They…really like to keep it going..

“I’m trying not to think too far ahead”

Noel Maurice: So at home they do ten minutes, here they do 20 minutes…?

Julia Jacklin: Australia’s just more kind of like “Woo…” (unenthusiastically).

Noel Maurice: You’re playing with a band. Do you prefer playing with a band – or solo – or do you have…is there a difference…do you like both?

Julia Jacklin: Um…I really like playing with a band, for sure, I just feel it’s nice to have people around you on stage, just for camaraderie and like, just being able to play with the dynamics of your songs but, yeah…I did a lot of solo stuff recently, and there’s a totally different relationship with the audience when you’re on your own, people tend to kind of like…I dunno, they listen sometimes more, because you’re just a tiny person on a huge stage and they don’t miss too much.

Noel Maurice: So you just released an album?

Julia Jacklin: Yes…two weeks ago.

Noel Maurice: That’s what I thought…

.Julia Jacklin: .It’s called ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’. I recorded it in New Zealand, and it’s just a lot of little snapshots of my early 20s.

“There’s a totally different relationship with the audience when you’re on your own”

Noel Maurice: And was it recorded with the same band that you tour with?

Julia Jacklin: Yeah, pretty much – not the bass player. He joined us like a year ago I

Noel Maurice: And you say you released your album two weeks ago – do you see yourself moving in a particular direction? Do you think, I’d really like to try that out a bit more…like, more harmonium in the band, or…

Julia Jacklin: Umm….I don’t know yet. I’ve been writing some new songs, I don’t feel ready yet to bring them to the band where we play around with them and maybe see, which direction it’s going, but I’m not sure yet. I’m trying not to think too far ahead.

Noel Maurice: Do you have many dates in Europe?

Julia Jacklin: Yeah, we’re going to be on tour for three weeks, and playing most nights.

Noel Maurice: Thanks for chatting with us, and the best of luck on your tour!

Julia Jacklin: Thanks!

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