Lo-Fi Lounge at Schokoladen with Kitty Solaris and Fjaka: Win tickets!

by | indieBerlin

A refreshing breeze of reverberating vibes from the 70s caress my ears while my sports car speeds on highway 61.
I am crossing the US, back and forth, moving from decade to decade as the record Cold City from Kitty Solaris plays on the stereo. Although is the first time I listen to the album, the sounds transport me to a welcoming land most of us have walked; folk-rock tunes that bring us back to Woodstock times, where music spoke a simple language full-of-meaning . The album ends, I open my eyes and I am still in Berlin sitting in my room with the feeling as if I had a road trip, special but not extraordinary.

And that is one of the virtues of Kitty Solaris’ music, it is not extraordinary, it isn’t something that will blow your mind – but instead an easy-listener that can be heard in any situation. In this fast food society, where people just expect to be surprised, Kitty Solaris brings us a world of calmness and ordinary feelings which make up most of our daily lives – something we can all relate to and that pushes us together.


This Wednesday at Schokoladen, expect familiar tunes with unpretentious lyrics, plus friends having fun on stage (Kitty Solaris is playing with Fjaka and Djane Monique from California). A perfect night with music that will make you feel in a warm known place with people you don’t know, but most likely feel the same as you.

Want a free pair of tickets? Email win(at)indieberlin.de for your chance to win.


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