Lou Ella’s latest single Summer of Love – in review

by | indieBerlin

indieBerlin is excited to present Summer of Love, a sunny and mellow track from her upcoming EP Supernova.

With a beautifully executed late-90s R&B sound, it’s a deliciously soulful track – sometimes mournful, sometimes snappy, but overall sweet and thoughtful. Rich with delicately balanced harmonies and layered textures, it’s the honey-drenched vocal line which makes this a standout track – although the addition of a gospel choir providing BVs is a great touch. Think Des’ree with a dash of Sade (with a bit of Candi Staton thrown in for good measure) whilst still managing to sound totally relevant in 2019.

The California based composer behind this track is the impossibly cool Lou Ella, who’s bringing her own unique brand of songwriting to the table. Although the production is slick and flawlessly executed, it doesn’t direct focus away from her powerhouse vocals which, ultimately, are what makes this song so intriguing.

Lou Ella waxes lyrical over a lost summer love, reflecting on the bittersweet and fleeting nature of human relationships. The texts is ridiculously catchy (we’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out), and the charming tone of the piece as a whole gives it a certain kind of freshness we’ve not heard in a while.

Old school vibes galore, we doubt very much that you’ll only be able to listen to this once. We’re all growing a bit impatient waiting for sunny weather here in Berlin, and this summery track is only making us miss it even more. It’s punchy, whilst maintaining a gentleness which has most definitely piqued our interest. We’re not sure what to expect next, but we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what else Lou Ella has to offer.

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