Marco Mestichella Launch Party Betahaus 24.2

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As promised, here we are with part III of the Marco Mestichella story, but before we give it to you I’d like to make sure you’re aware that

Marco is launching his brand new album Tales of Falling Walls with a listening party in Betahaus on 24th February

– that’s next Friday – and it’s no doubt going to be a great party night. So make sure you come on down and say hallo!


Marco Mestichella’s lines of thought do not strictly sit linear to the everyday view which naturally supports some of the reasoning behind his adoration of Berlin, despite his first visit back in 2011 understandably strengthening his love for London over the ugly but sexy German capital.

“At the time I was here wih a friend, we felt completely lost and didn’t know what to do. At the time I was completely captivated by London and too much into it to even think about Berlin. I then returned for the second time in 2014 with another friend and I had a completely different experience. It was then that I first thought abut moving to the city for a while.”

Berlin can be identified from inside and as an observer as a pool of individuality, culturally diverse and historically intense, serving as bait for international youth seeking a space to explode. It was after a ‘life crisis’ in early 2016 that Marco revisited and nurtured the idea to relocate to Berlin having been inspired by the January snow, the constantly developing nightlife (having thrived during a visit to Funkhaus) and an undoubtedly cool as heck group of friends that he made here.

Berlin surely encourages so many to embrace their sexuality

One of the reasons that Berlin extends it’s arm to so many is due to its snarl in the face of closed-mindedness and small town ideology that still grips tightly onto so much of the worldwide societal approach. Marco’s Catholic town outside Rome upbringing lead him to cities, but it did not quash his person. Where Berlin surely encourages so many to embrace their sexuality and perhaps breathe the aroma of safety for the first time in their lives, Marco’s idea surrounding sexuality reaches even further.

[aesop_quote type=”block” background=”#282828″ text=”#ffffff” width=”90%” align=”left” size=”2″ quote=”“I don’t feel the need to label sexuality. I am everything and nothing. I think it’s more that we live in a society where people need to put you in a box, especially when it comes to your sexual orientation. To me, it’s limiting. I like to enjoy and explore my feelings and fantasties and I am not afraid. I’ve tried everything and I like everything. Sex is a very spiritual thing for me; it’s not about the fact that I am having it with a man or a woman that matters, it’s all about their souls.”” parallax=”off” direction=”left” revealfx=”off”]


The energy that Marco carries throughout his life, in Berlin, London or wherever the future holds is captivating and well thought through. He doesn’t need the world to share his ideology but he needs to trust it himself and in order to get there, he wades through the mud with pleasure, experiencing, living, reacting and creating, using his every thought to form his dreamlike music, bringing his imagination to life.

“One of my latest ‘Truth’ is about revealing yourself to the world and getting out of victimhood. In that song, I sing, ‘If you open your heart you ca see what I see, we’ve been closed for so long and you know what I mean’. I refer to everybody who ever felt trapped or had to hide heir true self. I also think that my songs are very sexual but again, in a subtle way. You don’t hear any obvious sexual references, apart from perhaps ‘Velvet Silky Boy,’ which is still a pretty ambiguous song.”

An ever developing mind resides in every one of us

Yet it is often only when we meet one that is truly using a great surface of its strength that we witness the potential. Marco Mestichella is one of those who lights a fire under one’s ass and pushes us all to run, utilize the world and create.
Although Marco’s love for London still burns and has stolen him away, he still lives out the experience of Berlin and will be doing so on February 24th with the EP release and Betahaus. You’d be a fool to miss out on the experience and you’re certain to be inspired by this charming man’s aura.

“I had to move back to London. Being away made me realise how much of my life I have there and it is indeed my base. But Berlin is my lover and I plan on cheating on my wife again and again.”

Make sure to catch Marco Mestichella at Betahaus on Friday 24th. There’ll be a Q and A and you’ll be among the handful to hear the album for the first time played in public, plus it’s going to be a great party!

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