Meet The Satanic Babies of Jealous, Coming to You Soon at Synästhesie Festival IV

by | indieBerlin

Whether you bought your ticket months ago or need more incentive to do so,  here’s just one more reason to completely freak out about this year’s Synästhesie lineup: the glamtrash, fully badass ladies of Jealous.

The house-band of independent berlin-based record label Baby Satan Records, Jealous self-identify as “sassy and stoned cheerleaders, and 70’s trash glamkids” inspired by “lipstick and bad relationships” with a sound like “90s pissed off cartoons”. If that’s not enough to intrigue you, let us present to you the premier of their video for 8MM’s Syn Sessions featuring the song “Thunder”.

Insider tip: While you wait for Jealous’ first Ep “What’s Your Damage” to drop, you can get a first-hand sneak peak this Saturday, October 6th at their 8MM show.
That’s all for now, folks, but stay tuned for more info on Synästhesie IV cause it’s gonna be a banger. Or just go balls to the wall right this second and get your tickets before they sell out

See you there November 23rd-24th!

Photo Credit: Monique Poierier, edited by Jealous


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