Metronomy live – best watched in episodes

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The lights were good.

No, but seriously, the lights were good. So were Metronomy. C Halle was filled out with fans who are dedicated to a style of music that radiates positivity, dance fever, electro-pop and fun. You never would have guessed it, as they all stood still and stared at the stage like living statues.


I think they were enjoying the music though, because some of them were smiling.

It seemed more of a sit-down affair. One that perhaps you’d take your mother to? And perhaps one that should be watched in episodes, because one long stretch of it, well that really is overdoing it. There is no denying the musical knowledge and creativity put out by the band: electric guitars, keyboard, sharp blazers and sharper hair-cuts were complimented by a matching sound.

It sort of surprises me that people make a living out of that though, you know? Because they were okay.

A cheeky cover of a sunny song got the band more attention than most of their originals, particularly their new albums releases- but I suppose that’s ‘cause we don’t care about the young folks!

Review by Lillie Almond

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