Ponte Pilas EP Release Party Review – this week the storm hit earlier than expected

by | indieBerlin

Thursdays are usually set to be the calm before the storm, but this week the storm hit earlier than expected. The hurricane carrying the name Ponte Pilas swept Urban Spree and left its victims in awe, praising the outcome of their debut EP.  Along with the band of the night, we were blessed with a wave of UK Rock n’ Roll charmers Askers Dodge. It was truly an event full of thunder and power that will surely hit your earplugs and cities in the years to come.

Sold-out Urban Spree opened its doors at 20:00h to hungry Perros waiting to see what the night will bring. Being that it’s Ponte Pilas’s debut EP release, the sold-out statement has a promising ring to it.

Askers Dodge is not someone we just want to listen to, but would be a blast to hang out with

Askers Dodge released their EP just a few months prior to the show, giving the audience an opportunity to sing along. Their seven-track setlist left us eager to hear more, a set filled with many rock n’ roll interludes, guitar solos and bass head nods. Saving the best song for last, Askers Dodge’s Heaven Knows (featured on their EP) carries an ear-worm riff that the frontman came up with while he was humming and strolling around the town, I later found this out during our conversation after the show.

Greg Thomson is a profoundly charismatic frontman

He cracked witty jokes that tickled our funny bones between songs, which gave the impression that Askers Dodge is not someone we just want to listen to, but would be a blast to hang out with. His Mick Jagger-like moves and the drummer’s playful stick tricks gave their performance a playful vibe, proving that they were enjoying every moment just as much as the audience was.

At 22:15 the lights went dim, the fog machine went off to set the motion of the up-and-coming storm and with big screams from the crowd Ponte Pilas appeared in silhouettes and so the show began.

If I had to describe the atmosphere of their show in one word, I would choose the word RIOT

It was astonishing to see how dedicated, full of energy and extremely proud their fans were of them. A truly monumental crowd, one that many bands dream of having and some well-established bands wish they had.

the continuous mosh-pits, female screams and chants created a rainstorm of sweat

Their song Gasoline evoked the biggest emotion and rampage. However, the continuous mosh-pits, female screams and chants created a rainstorm of sweat in the audience and band in such great capacity that it was almost impossible not to dance along and be a part of the family of self-proclaimed young Perros. Even drummer Daniel Rivera chose to lose his shirt during the show and show us some skin.

Scottish frontman Calum Bolland’s vocal ability heartily deserved the applause it received after each song, his delivery brimful of emotion giving the lyrics he sang true meaning. Although he wore a sophisticated jacket at one point we all knew it would come off and he would show us all the layers of Ponte Pilas and what they stand for. Which is true and pure Rock n’ Roll.

Ponte Pilas played with dynamism and passion

During their riveting set, there was not a moment where the energy was about to drop or take a break. If anything the storm was becoming more powerful as the set was progressing. More so, their love-song Jumpstarting My Heart (featured on their EP Young Perros) resonated through the speakers like strong thunderclaps, even though it carries tender and warm lyrics. Ponte Pilas played with such dynamism and passion, communicating with each other on stage simply with their instruments showing us their dedication and appreciation of not only each other but their music and fans as well.

The storm that hit Urban Spree is one that will be remembered. An event full of thunder and power that left the audience’s ears buzzing and their hearts racing.

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