Quantic Brought Sunshine to Ipse: In review

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Despite the overcast sky, Quantic brought summer into the hearts and minds of everyone who saw his DJ set at IPSE this weekend.

Promoting his new single, Atlantic Oscillations, and the upcoming album of the same name, the British artist played two four-hour sets at the open-air club in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg district. He was joined by Croatian DJ Eddy Ramich, Gretchen resident DJ Delfonic, and Berlin’s own Charlie Smooth and Alex Barck. IPSE is a gorgeous venue, and the party took place outside by the water, under a giant chandelier strung up in the trees. The event was relaxed and happy with plenty of people dancing away to the music, and others milling around the edges with drinks enjoying the music and ambience.

Looking hipster-cool in a denim shirt and black hat, Quantic was clearly having a wonderful time behind the decks, beaming at the crowd and dancing almost as much as his spectators. His enthusiasm was infectious, and each new track brought whoops and appreciative whistles from the party. The music included many of his own tracks, of course, but also a fantastic mix of fun and vibrant Latin beats.

Quantic’s Look Around the Corner was soon followed by Las Marmotas from Mexican band Banda Tierra Mojada, which got the crowd dancing wildly, hands in the air and hips shaking. The DJ proved that he’s not afraid to experiment with the unusual by playing Meshkalina by Paco Zambrano Y Su Combo, a Peruvian classic from the 1960s which he must have dug out of the archives. The track fitted strangely well into the set, and did not feel at all out of place in 2019 Berlin. A cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling by Los Miticos del Ritmo (The Mythics of Rhythm – Quantic’s studio band) was immensely popular and had the crowd singing along. Considering that Quantic’s version of the well-known pop song mainly features an accordion, this was pretty impressive.

The first four-hour set drew to a close at 10pm, with the next starting at 2am – but the evening drawing in didn’t put people off at all. If anything, the party got busier the later it got, and people who had been having a quiet drink at the sides got up to join the dancing as well. The entire evening had a summery, festive mood – perfectly complemented by the music. Quantic’s set was diverse in its track choices but everything he played went down brilliantly with the crowd. Baiana from Brazilian band Barbatuques had even the most awkward British tourists clapping along. They were rewarded for their efforts with Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five by Paul McCartney and Wings – another surprising choice that still didn’t ruin the magic of the set.

This event at IPSE was full of smiles and dancing. The canal-side club provided a beautiful backdrop, and Quantic’s selection of salsa-style beats and sunny Latin tunes were the perfect soundtrack to a joyful Saturday evening in Berlin on the brink of summer.

Quantic’s new album, Atlantic Oscillations, will be released on 21st June.

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