Shaking the train station: The Story So Far at Bi Nuu

by | indieBerlin

The Story So Far have made a name for themselves with their hardcore-heavy interpretation of pop punk. Their straightforward approach to music earned them a tight following, yet they decided to mix things up a little on their newest record, Proper Dose. This made the concert at Bi Nuu one of the first to offer a glimpse into the band’s mellow side.

Before the main act entered the stage, the audience was greeted by US-American punk band All Get Out. As a group that covers the musical spectrum from indie, to garage, to melodic hardcore, they opted to perform their heavier-hitting songs. The band members made use of the whole of the stage as they were singing, dancing, and shouting along to their tracks. As to have no one forget about the evening, the band threw several picks into the crowd, the act perfectly weaved into their songs: Whenever the instruments exploded in a climax, vocalist/guitarist Nathan Hussey let go of the plastic in his hands as if in a frenzy. Their eclectic, hefty presence made it clear that the lesser-known bands of the genre too have a lot of energy in store, that’s nowhere to be catalysed better than in front of punk lovers.

Eclectic, hefty presence

The melancholic emo sound of Citizen was next in line. Their set lasted a few songs longer than All Get Out’s, and took on a tour through their discography and musical capabilities. From classic, all-time favourites Roam The Room or The Night I Drove Alone, to one of their new releases, In The Middle Of It All, they had the audience sing confidently along to all their lyrics. Well-established in the scene it came as no surprise many of the guests attended not only for the headliner, but for Citizen just as well.

When The Story So Far entered the stage at last, it didn’t take more than the first strum of Nerve to have the audience erupt in a tremendous moshpit. Drinks were flying through the air, soon to be followed by ambitious crowd surfers who didn’t let off until the end of the night, as the fans let themselves become completely entrenched by the music. The band reminded of their latest album and went on to make several of its tracks come to live, including Keep This Up, Take Me As You Please, and the eponymous Proper Dose. All the while vocalist Parker Cannon kept his eyes on the audience, hands behind his back, heart on his sleeve. Upon questioning, several shouts confirmed a decent amount of the guests travelled to Berlin just to witness this concert, coming from as far as the band’s homestate of California.

Incessant drumming and energy-laden guitars

The old albums that earned The Story So Far a place in people’s heart weren’t forgotten about either. Roam, Quicksand, or Heavy Gloom are only some of the tracks that assisted in keeping the underground atmosphere and the spirits up. The incessant drumming and energy-laden guitars stroke a softer note when the band returned to perform one last song as an encore. With the acoustic Clairvoyant, everyone was left to exit into the night on a thoughtful, lyrical note.

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