Smitten with Smith

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Brand-new single out from 19-year-old James Smith. Go get a Little Love.

Basically he’s a beautiful boy growing into a man. His voice is beyond his years. Influenced quite a lot by strong male voices like Stevie Wonder’s or Billy Joel’s, the 19-year-old hits it off big time. His phrasings are natural, uncomplicated, and bring serious satisfaction. Moreover, his pronunciations are crystal clear; him being a proper British bloke from Upton Park. Sometimes a young man aims high and all goes really well; and that’s definitely the case here.

James was only 17 when he was signed to a big label writing songs for himself and other artists. He grew up listening to mayor voices like Bob Dylan and Donny Hathaway – and to this current day he’s still into the jazz-influenced ones like Amy Winehouse or Chet Baker. James Smith has found his soundtrack and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a bumpy road. Nope, it really doesn’t.

He inhabits it completely, this unconditional love – him still being a teenager

He did a very mature cover of Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are; and it’s simply stunning. No doubt James Smith really knows this song. He inhabits it completely, this unconditional love – him still being a teenager.

Now his own song Little Love is out; being the first single from his debut EP (which will be released on the 1st of June). The song has purity, simplicity, and nice naivety. Tom Odell doesn’t seem that far away because the atmospheres have something in common at the core. It’s singer/songwriter pop with a kind of soul vibe. It’s extremely catchy, it’s well produced, and it’s gonna make you sing along; preferably while swaying a lighter trough the air. Enjoy the melancholy and tear your heart right out. Early love is not that complicated. But it’s deep and huge.

If you want more infos and updates about this young man on the rise, check out James Smith on Facebook.

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