Sofa Salon /indieBerlin Special this Friday night – Antler King + Georgie Fisher in Intimate

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Antler King – gorgeous guitar textures, swooping vocals, dark as a silent forest at night in winter…and a female singing drummer. What more can you ask for?

Georgie Fisher?

Yup, that’s pretty much all the more you could ask for, and that’s why that’s the more that we’ve got for you. In the first indieBerlin/Sofa Salon collab #nighttoremember, in a cool NY loft-like location (secret until the day – you have to email to get the address).

It’s basically a straight-up Aussie double-pack of inventive acoustic-based slooshiness (not really slooshiness, I added that part myself), one not to miss, and boy do we intend not to.

Make sure you get through the door by either WRITING TO US AT WIN AT INDIBERLIN.DE TO WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS


Going to the Facebook Event to grab a couple of nicely-priced early bird tickets


turn up on the night and hope for the best (we’ll cram you in somehow don’t worry :)).

There’s a bar – reasonably priced and well-stocked with beer, wine, water and Coke…and I heard Jesus might turn up later in case the wine runs low. I think he said wine…


It’s going to be lovely, and we really do hope to see you all there. For a few drinks, some delightful acoustic music and a bit of schmoozing.

Facebook Event

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