Surfbort comes to Berlin: the world’s friendliest punks, apparently

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As a bit of an old-schooler myself, I have to admit that the first time I heard the name Surfbort was in an interview with Chris Stein, guitarist from ground-breaking NY post-punkers Blondie.

Asked what he listened to these days, he admitted that he didn’t pay that much attention but certain bands that floated past his interior windscreen and that he was impressed with included Surfbort, the young 21st Century punk band ripping it up in and around Brooklyn, New York.

Wait, I thought, I know that name.

Sure enough, riffling through Spotify songs (if you really can riffle through digital tracks, the jury’s still out), there they were: Surfbort. The very visual countenance of the band is without doubt female vocalist Dani Miller. She says that her lyrics deal largely with mental problems, addiction and sexual identity and there, you’ve got her look pretty much nailed.

“You have to navigate romance through all the crazy shit that goes down.” – is what Dani Miller explained to As with any good punkers, while having a thoroughly irreverent and shake-it-up humour on display, they’ve also proven themselves quite political, running an “Abort Trump” campaign after the bottle-blonde reality star came to “power”. One of their videos also hilariously includes a “Trump is my sex slave” banner in the background. But no, they’re not just about sticking it to the Republicans. They’re about loving everyone and being accepting of other people’s point of views. In the same interview with nylon, she states: “It’s hard because I’m such a loving person, and I’m really positive. I have so much love for other humans, and I’ve always been torn with the conversation of, like, do you fight all this Trump stuff with love or, at a certain point, do you have to really stand up?”

“Trump is my sex slave”

The band are unusual too in that Dani, mid-twenties, Californian with a self-proclaimed Valley Girl accent, has hooked up with three Texans all in their forties or thereabouts, from Texas, of all places. Still, if such a conglomeration is going to exist, then surely New York is the place for it to happen.

Anyway, to cut to the chase: we’re very happy to be able to be presenting Surfbort with our indieBerlin Events team at the next Basement Bash, on Feb. 26th at Urban Spree. Together with Gringo Star and local heroes Askers Dodge, it promises to be a rip-roaring night.

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