Thai Surf Rock and Symphonies reimagined at Michelberger this Monday

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Michelberger is back with the cool and groovy live events – after their weird and wonderful not-a-festival experiment in the Funkhaus recording complex this last summer, they’re getting going once again with often spontaneously organised events of cutting edge and innovative musc events, in the summer in the courtyard of their hotel; and as now, in the lobby.

Monday sees a night of music with Khruangbin and Colin Stetson

Their music is influenced by found cassette tapes featuring the Thai surf rock sound

Khruangbin is, apparently, the Thai word for aeroplane. The three people that make up Khruangbin the band are, however, from Texas. Why did they choose the name? Because their music is influenced by found cassette tapes featuring the Thai surf rock sound. The what? Yup, the Thai surf rock sound. Seems that The Shadows toured there in the early sixties, and made such an impact that a music genre was born out of their influence, which would come to be known as Shadow Music.

Densely atmospheric, dreamy surf guitars and groovy blaxploitation basslines

It’s the kind of thing you might hear in a Quentin Tarantino movie, while a gangster is slicing the ear off a patrolman while an undercover cop looks on, for example. There are no big choruses, and in fact are very very few vocals. The music instead is densely atmospheric, with dreamy surf guitars over groovy blaxploitation basslines.

Reimagining Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony

Colin Stetson, with whom Khruangbin are sharing the night, uses bass sax and clarinets to do things like reimagining Gorecki’s 3rd Symphony. While he’s not working on his award-winning solo albums, embracing avant jazz and circular breathing techniques, he can often be found playing in the bands of people like Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Feist, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, The Chemical Brothers, Animal Collective and The National.

Come on down!

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