Video Premiere: Joe James Boyle – Difficult Phone Call

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The latest treat for your ears comes in the form of London-born/Berlin-based Joe James Boyle, who’s just released a new video for his track Difficult Phone Call.

Co-produced by Gordon Raphael of The Strokes notoriety, his upcoming EP is inspired by something of a musical tapestry (think The Jesus And Mary Chain, Jagger, Nick Cave, Big Star and/or Ty Segall).

As the second single from the record, it’s deliciously post-punk, with hints of psychedelia and grunge creeping in. He’s set to tour in early 2019, having already played concerts this year at 8MM BAR, Schokoladen, Badehaus Berlin. Occasionally 60s-influenced, it’s old-school rock’n’roll with a handful of modern quirks: vocally, it’s quite reminiscent of Ray Davies, but still holds rather raw quality. The reverb-heavy melody line adds another charming layer to the track’s overall texture – it’s wonderfully messy without getting lost in itself.

The battling guitar lines are something to be marvelled at – sometimes delicate and sometimes rough, it’s fascinating to observe them changing throughout the song. There’s almost a touch of Britpop-esque instrumentation trying to sneak in, but Boyle reinvents it and is able to make it his own.

Considering the concept, this video could have very easily fallen into the trap of being slightly dull. However, thanks to the tasteful direction of Laura Cherry Grove and Joe, it’s inquisitive and curious and beautifully shot. It manages to tell a quietly intriguing story, whilst maintaining an almost Jean Luc Godardian approach to cinematography. It’s never ideal when a video distracts from the music itself, but on this occasion, the two elements complement each other in a perfect balance.

Stylistically, it’s a striking video, and we’re impressed at how they managed to make something which, on paper, sounds rather mundane, into a captivating almost-four minutes. Our interest has been piqued, and we’re excited to see what Joe will be bringing to the table in 2019.

Photo credit: Laura Cherry Grove

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