Just an Einzelfahrt away… Win tickets to Berlin’s rock, engines & artisan festival Pure & Crafted! 27-28 August

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Why run around Europe looking for a festival, when there’s a perfectly good one sitting pretty in the C-Zone on the BVG map? Pure & Crafted Festival has given us two pairs of tickets, so that all YOU need to buy is an Einzelfahrt…

Bikers get a bad rap, in a way that other transport fanatics don’t. If trainspotters are harmless and nerdy, then bikers are sweaty and aggressive. But stereotypes get us nowhere. Really, biker culture just an evolution of that prehistoric love between human and horse.

Pure & crafted berlin indieberlin stephen flad

Custom culture – biker haven (photo Stephen Flad)

The real difference between bike nuts and horse heads is this: one group would put on a village horse show, and the other a huge family-friendly music festival in a converted factory just outside Berlin. Not telling which. But you can find out for yourself: visit the Altes Kraftwerk Rummelsburg on the 26-27 August.

pure & crafted full lineup indieberlin

That lineup though…

Rock & more

There’s loads in it for non-bikers too. Here at indieBerlin we’re going exclusively to visit Interpol, noughties indie-rock legends. (That’s a three-word combo we simply can’t resist.) Car Seat Headrest is just too awesome not to mention; finally, they’ve snapped up the in-demand local duo Gurr, who are not to be missed.

Something in it for everyone

You might also come along for the New Heritage fair, a wonderful concept for a market. They use the festival crowds to bring attention to craftspeople who continue old traditions despite modern times. The final product, be it a handbag, a halter or a haircut is – naturally – of the highest quality.

So even if you can’t pin the horsepower on a custom BMW at fifty paces, that shouldn’t stop you enjoying this rustic-feel, highly polished festival.

Pure & crafted berlin indieberlin new heritage

The New Heritage market (photo Steve Klemm)

To win, share this article and then send an email to win[at]indieberlin.de with your name and the subject ‘Pure & Crafted’. If you want to tell us how much you love indieBerlin, that might sweeten the deal (not really).

Cover photo thanks to Stephen Flad.


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