Win Tickets to Alfa Mist (Live) at Festsaal Kreuzberg (Nov. 12)!

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Producer, composer and jazz pianist Alfa Mist will perform live with his band at Festsaal Kreuzberg on Monday, November 12th at 8:00 PM.
Born and raised in East London, Mist told NME magazine that he grew up listening to hip-hop and grime before digging deep into samples and discovering jazz. Finding inspiration in the compositions of Miles Davis and the cinematic scores of Hans Zimmer, Mist taught himself piano before entering university and soon started making his own blend of soulful jazz music.

His 2016 EP Nocturne looks at the pre-slumber anxieties of insomniacs, Mist being one himself. Other mental health maladies, like depression and anxiety, often take front stage in Mist’s music. Mist sees making music as a powerful coping mechanism, one that he skillfully harnesses to express deeply personal feelings in melancholic melodies that move audiences immensely.

Describing himself as a “sit back and reflect kind of person”, Mist’s humble and authentic attitude toward music making articulates a well grounded truth of artistic creation: one needs to connect with themselves and confront their true feelings to be able to create meaningful and beautiful pieces for others to enjoy.

After naturally feeling afraid of what scenesters and critics might think about his unique style, the success of Antiphon has lead to more well deserved exposure for Mist, who now craves making “unapologetic” jazz music.

Mist recently set up his own label, Sekito Records, and released “October 7th (Epilogue)”, a 10 inch of his own creation featuring a jazz number on the A side and a rap track on the B side.

You can catch a glimpse of Mist’s brilliance on piano (a Rhodes, no less) in this live recording at Abby Road with friends and routine collaborates Yussef Dayes (drums), Mansur Brown (guitar) and Rocco Palladino (bass) below.

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For more info on times and tickets, check out the facebook event page here.


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