Win tickets to Leah Senior at Monarch on January 27th!

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A welcome distraction, Leah Senior’s latest single Graves showcases the Australian singer-songwriter at her grunge-folky best.

Since her previous release (2017’s Pretty Faces), she’s grown substantially as an artist, with her work absorbing elements of soft psychedelia and post-pop. Her voice decorates her accompaniment perfectly, whether or not she’s performing alongside a full band or simply with a guitar.

There’s no need for overcompensation in her music – it’s pure and minimal and seems to come from a pretty genuine place. Leah’s back catalogue is a fairly eclectic mix of poetic melodies and rich textures, so you’re sure to find something to your taste. Throughout her discography, there’s a clear theme: less is most definitely more.


It’s obvious to see why she’s gathered such a substantial following in a rather short space of time – her compositions never offer too much or not enough. There’s a delicious balance in her work, with the soft and delicate layered vocal harmonies complementing the instrumental sections flawlessly. The tentative melodies and relatable lyrics she employs only add to her appeal as an artist, but it’s the vocal line that’s undoubtedly the most captivating.

She’ll be playing an intimate show supported by Ned Collette at Monarch on January 27th – frankly, we think you’d be a fool to miss it, but that’s entirely your call.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to Leah’s show, send an email to win(at) and check out details of the show here.

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