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The first song I ever heard from Mahalia was thanks to COLORS Berlin. They invited her in their studio and got out one of the best versions of “Sober”.  And exactly as she says “It’s the middle of October, and we just came to an end”, me and my so-called boy at that time, came to an end 10 days after the middle of October. Thank you, Mahalia, for putting into words what my soul couldn’t at that time.

Mahalia Burkmar, better known by the stage name Mahalia, is an English singer, songwriter, and actress, based in Birmingham. Not only that she is a beautiful talented young lady, but she also has the voice of an angel.  She actually wrote her first song when she was only 8.

“I remember being a kid and writing a song called My Angel when I was about eight or nine. To this day, my brothers still mock me for it! I really started writing songs when I was 12. I had this big crush on a boy in my middle school and I remember having all these feelings literally bunched up inside me.”

My 3 favorite tracks from her must be:  No reply, I wished I missed my ex and obviously Sober that I had on replay for months.  Buuut, the last song that just came out, One night only sounds so soooo gooooood!

” The now 20-year-old Midlander calls her music “psycho-acoustic soul”, a genre she invented so that she doesn’t get boxed in musically, and can experiment with her sound without being told to stick to R&B. In a previous interview with FACT, she broke down that the “psycho” refers to her mindful lyrics, “acoustic” to her love of guitar, and “soul” because soul music runs through her blood. And, throughout her journey to become one of 2018’s most hotly tipped new singers, she’s also had to fight to go at her own pace. Now, signed to Atlantic Records and working on a debut album, she knows that she’s ready, she knows who she truly is, and she’s comfortable enough to share that with the world. ”

Certainly, we can’t wait to see her live in Berlin! Wanna hear the good news? You can win two tickets for her concert by sending an email to until 14th of November! Good luck & see you there!

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