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Take a trip with Viersen’s finest Marius Lauber, whose mellow offering Young Romance conjures up images of the last day of school before summer, or a sunny Sunday evening complete with grazed knees and ice-cream stickiness.

Masquerading as the impossibly cool Roosevelt, Lauber’s mellow beats and infectious sonic manipulations result in a layered and hugely dynamic record. Applying his earlier releases as something of a springboard, we the listener are treated to a eyebrow-raising concoction of 80s disco, ethereal synthpop and funk-influenced experimentation. He’s earned a number of feathers in his cap, regularly adopting the role of producer over the course of the past few years; however, on this occasion, we’re treated to a collaboration between the man himself and mixing wizard Chris Coady (of Grizzly Bear/Future Islands notoriety).

It’s clever and joyful, whilst avoiding the trap of being Too Much Fun™, holding a slightly melancholic tinge throughout. It’s a little unsettling, but we kind of like it. Sometimes ambient (Better Days), sometimes fiery (Shadows) you’re never really sure what to expect on this album. Each track is something of a surprise, with Lauber managing successfully to master the impossibly tricky balance between minimalism and electro-indie.

Young Romance marks a certain turning point in Lauber’s artistry; the record manages to remain youthful whilst maintaining a striking maturity which might not have been initially expected. It’s refreshing to hear a fully connected album rather than a stream of singles fully plucked and basted for the airwaves. It’s an intelligent and restorative work, and quenches our thirst as closeted synthpop devotees.

We’ll be celebrating this fresh and colourful record on Wednesday 24th October at Astra Kulturhaus, and cordially invite you to join us.

If you’d like to take a chance and potentially win two free tickets, drop us a line at win(at) Put on your detective cap and learn more about the show here.

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